For over 150 years, local community cricket has been played in Perth. From the very early days on the Esplanade... to an area that now spans from the escarpment to the coast and 50kms north and south of the CBD.

The life and love that is suburban cricket continues to develop. Turf and carpet, matting and malthoid have all played their role over the decades...

Inter Association games had been played under the banner of West Australian Cricket Union from 1947 to 1983. In 1983 the WACA’s Cricket Council approved the formation of the Metropolitan Cricket Executive.


In June 1983 an MCE Conference was held with representatives being WA Suburban Turf CA, Swan Helena Districts CA, South Suburban CA, Fremantle Merc CA, Perth Mercantile CA, Kalamunda CA, Metropolitan CA, Hills CA, Wanneroo CA and an inter association competition was organised to play for the Metropolitan Cup. Inaugural Metro Cup winners were South Suburban. Also Combined Metropolitan XI’s were entered in the WACA Toyota Cup and Shell Colts. All expenses for the Metropolitan Cup and Metropolitan XI’s were funded by the WACA Cricket Council.

Over the years every Association was becoming discontented with no access to funding from WACA or Dept Sport & Rec or Heathway for infrastructure or other initiatives.

In October 2003 the MCE committee sent a letter to DSR requesting a Peak Body Review to allow for independent funding for cricket not just WACA. Their reply was that no change to the Government policy was forthcoming


April 2004 an MCE delegation of all 5 Association President’s and Committee persons had a meeting with Bob Kucera Minister for Sport & Recreation outlining that there were no funds for community cricket and was all retained by WACA.

The Minister advised that he would seek a complete review of the funding allocation and ensure that community clubs would be able to have access to funds on an equal basis to State Bodies.

In the meantime, to ensure that we could access and apply for funding from varying sources a restructure was voted on and MCE Incorporated

in May 2004.


In August 2004 the Incorporation name change  from MCE to CricketWest took place plus the following...

•  New Constitution - 5 Presidents as Executive Committee

•  MCE renamed as CricketWest Match Committee as a sub


•  Match Committee Chairman Col Radalj & delegates from

    affiliated associations retained their roles


In November 2004 the inaugural meeting of CricketWest was held

•  Committee

•  Special thanks to Daryl Foster who attended and assisted

    with our transition to an independent body representing

    senior community cricket:

•  Bank account opened

•  Common & Prime rules of Cricket West:

•  Set umpires fees across all 5 associations

•  Adherence to Clearance rules

•  Insurance

•  No poaching of clubs to be discussed before any movement


CricketWest initially received the following monies...

•  $50,000 Game Development Grant

•  $19,000 Match Committee (CWest Cup & CWest XI matches)

•  Able to seek sponsorship (eg Kookaburra)


Cricket West Match Committee

The MCE was primarily a match committee with no independent funds. Under CricketWest they were a sub committee with a Chairman and delegates from each association, with access to funds to spend on the competition and representative teams. Also the Metropolitan Cup was renamed the CricketWest Cup.

In 2005 the competition reduced from 50 overs to 40 overs and due to amalgamations and the number of associations reduced to 5.

In 2014 the competition was reduced from 40 overs to T20 formats.

In 2019 the Associations were reduced to 4 - WA Suburban Turf CA, Perth Swan CA, North Suburban Community CA and South Metropolitan CA.



Steve Errington “City Matting to Suburban Turf: publication

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