PURPOSE  Strengthen senior community cricket by providing a united voice, sharing

best practice in an inclusive environment.

VISION  Cricketwest will be a peak community cricket body that drives participation

and enjoyment for our member associations

BEST PRACTICE     Promote & develop best practice protocols for our Associations

•  Make volunteers jobs easier by sharing best practice amongst Associations

•  Delegates to form the CW Executive Committee to ensure the presentation of a united front for Community Cricket

•  Create central repository, process and distribution system for resources, grants and information

•  Create volunteer networks groups to share good practice particularly amongst common purpose groups

•  Create a mechanism to use the WACA Century Club Framework to guide association  best practice activities

•  Develop a plan to pool/share resources from member Associations to ensure optimal use, e.g. Umpires/Grounds

•  Convene workshops to ensure the cricket community implements My Cricket (& other Apps)

PARTICIPATION     Increase participation by competitors, coaches, officials and volunteers

•  More teams with sufficient number of officials and volunteers to meet the needs of the games

•  Encourage senior clubs to build a pathway with junior clubs by promoting community values and offering them benefits

•  CricketWest adopt and promote the WACA volunteer strategy

PLANNING     Effectively plan for our sports future

•  Represent/promote/drive a clear direction of community cricket to grow participation.

•  Develop the next model of Senior Cricket in Western Australia in conjunction with all Associations

•  Provide competitions that players desire by conducting an independent survey of players to guide the decisions of the

   competitions committee

•  Liaise with the WACA to support the implementation of the State Facilities plan

•  CricketWest builds partnerships with the WACA & Sportswest to lobby for key issues impacting Associations

•  CricketWest becomes an active driver to collaborate with CJCC & Premier Cricket to advance cricket for all

COMMUNICATION     We will enhance our communication techniques

•  A high recognition by members for performance of CricketWest. Create opportunities for feedback from members

•  A communication plan will be developed

•  The website is upgraded and maintained to be a ‘go to’ source of information

•  Create a ‘reasonable’ schedule of surveys to secure feedback from clubs and players on topics that impact members

•  A media plan is developed to promote CW and Association activities

•  Use of CricketWest Forum to promote senior community cricket

ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE     Develop a respectful collaborative organisation

•  CricketWest coordinates the associations to deliver a positive inclusive environment and culture

•  Build the “cricket for life“ philosophy by active adoption at all activities and events

•  Through collaboration, core values and objectives will by agreed and implemented by the Association leaders


PO Box 120 Beechboro 6063

phone: 0423 052 882